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Los Altos & Los Altos Hills Update

June 1, 2020

What a week we just had! Perhaps that’s why I totally missed my update to you. On top of the pandemic, the “I can’t breath” protests and resulting vandalism are just overwhelming. It almost seems trivial to provide a market update to you at this time but we persevere and carry on. Please know that while I have recently referenced getting a bit more back to “normal”, there is nothing normal about what’s happening right now. ⁣

With that said, here’s my update for this cherished place that I get to call home:⁣

30 homes went into contract in May in Los Altos; 12 in Los Altos Hills. A whole lot of new listings happened in May – 40 in Los Altos and 14 in the Hills. Of these, 24 are already in contract or closed. We are still seeing well-priced homes sell quickly and over list price. ⁣

So should you buy, sell, or wait? There is no one answer but you know that I’m available to you to discuss. Reach out any time. 

Los Altos & Los Altos Hills Update

May 21, 2020

Another week, another delay in posting an update.😉 That’s actually a good sign for the real estate market. Things are really picking up. I have another new listing in Los Altos Hills this week (head on over to to check it out – and check out my new virtual brochure for this property on Brendel while you are there).⁣

So here’s the latest. In April only 15 homes went into contract in Los Altos; in the last 16 days, 14 homes went into contract. This has everything to do with us being able to show all homes now, as of May 4 (as long as the occupant is not present). Technology is working.⁣

In Los Altos Hills there were only 2 sales in April and since May 4, there have been 6 sales. Quite a change. There have been 25 new listings in Los Altos since May 4 and 8 in Los Altos Hills. Yes, the market is starting to change.⁣

So what about actual closed sales? 14 of them in LA/LAH since May 1 (and all but 2 went into contract AFTER shelter in place). 5 of these sold for more than list price. Sounds like the “new normal” is getting a little closer to the “old normal.” Whatever it is, you can be sure I’m on top of it. Information is so important at this time. Happy to answer any questions.⁣

PS – one more note: Days on Market, which were suspended on March 19, have now been reinstated as of May 16.

Los Altos & Los Altos Hills Update

May 13, 2020

A day or so late with this week’s update but hey I’m just glad to even know that it’s Wednesday! 😊No big changes in real estate to report, like I had in my last update to you when we announced that occupied homes could now be shown. Perhaps that had everything to do with my first point below though:

  • 7 homes went into contract in Los Altos in the past week (compared to NONE the week before)⁣
  • No homes went into contract in Los Altos Hills⁣
  • My listing at 26070 Quail is the only sale on MLS in Los Altos Hills this month; it went into contract after just 4 days on the market; list price was $5,495,000⁣
  • 11 new listings (!) in Los Altos and 5 in Los Altos Hills, including one I just listed on Summit Wood for $2,995,000⁣

The new normal continues to work for real estate. And my heart still goes out to all that are taking such good care of us during this time. I so appreciate you. Stay healthy everyone – and support the downtown Los Altos businesses whenever you can.⁣

ALERT: New Real Estate Guidelines Effective 5/4/20

May 5, 2020


The big news this week is the change to the SIP mandate that allows 3 things affecting real estate:⁣

  1. Occupied homes can now be shown to no more than 2 persons at a time as long as the occupants are not present
  2. Construction can resume
  3. Landscaping can resume

    Needless to say, even with these changes, there’s nothing more important than safety so that will always be my priority. In my week 8 update to you, here’s a look at what happened last week in #LosAltos and #LosAltosHills.⁣

  • For the first time since I have been reporting, no homes went into contract in LA or LAH this past week⁣
  • There were 7 new listings in LA and 2 new ones in LAH⁣
  • 6 homes closed escrow in LA ($2.98M to $4.5M); no closings in LAH⁣
  • There are 39 homes for sale in LA ($1.7M to $16.9M) and 11 in LAH ($4.85M to $39.9M)⁣

    Our new normal continues for the month of May and I will keep you updated week by week along with any other loosening up of restrictions. For now, know that if you must sell or buy, it can certainly be done. You need experienced counsel more than ever. I’m here for you. Stay safe everyone.⁣

Los Altos & Los Altos Hills Update

April 28, 2020

Another week…. and now it looks like it’s going to be another month😱!  Here’s the latest update on what happened this past week in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. ⁣

2 homes went into contract in Los Altos ($2.85M and $3.4M)⁣

4 homes closed escrow in Los Altos ($2.2M to $3.4M) and 2 in Los Altos Hills ($3.4M to $3.5M)⁣

3 homes were listed for sale in Los Altos ($2.998M to $3,598M) and 1 in Los Altos Hills ($6.498)⁣

There are 40 fabulous homes for sale in Los Altos right now ($1.4M to $16.9M) and 18 beautiful homes in Los Altos Hills ($2.9M to $39.9M)⁣

Again, it can be done. It’s just a new way of doing business. If you need to sell or you need to buy, I can still make it happen for you. Is it more challenging? Of course it is. But can it be done and done safely? Absolutely. If you have questions, I have answers. Get in touch. Everyday, we send thanks to our healthcare workers, grocery store workers, and everyone trying to solve this. Stay safe everyone.⁣